Ram ProMaster Capability Features

People who want a vehicle that’s built tough enough to handle any task at hand often choose the Ram ProMaster, a popular cargo van, and they’re seldom disappointed. The Ram ProMaster can very well be the best utility vehicle you’ve ever had, whether it’s for work, play or somewhere in between. Stop at Jim Olson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and get all the information you need on the Ram ProMaster.

The Ram ProMaster can provide you with heavy-duty hauling to eliminate repeated trips back and forth. The ProMaster can haul up to 4,440 pounds. It’ll also go a long way before it needs more fuel or even an oil change. The ProMaster’s 36-foot turning diameter ensures that you’ll be able to maneuver through any street with ease.

When you’re choosing a big vehicle for work, you want to know what you’re getting before you actually make a purchase. Come to the dealership and take the Ram ProMaster out for a test drive.



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